Safe Climbing, Climbing indoor playground Equipment Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

Climbers is one of the efficient equipment when it comes to engagement of kids whereas adults. Climbers engage large arm, leg and back muscles that built upper body, lower body and core strength, increases heart rate and help in improvement of cardiovascular health. The climbers which are manufactured by Shree Raghuvirs are produced rust free, taking suitable care of edges with proper coating.
Some of them are specified below:

  • Rainbow Climber
  • S Bridge Climber
  • Satellite Climber
  • Moon Climber
  • Giraffe Climber
  • Straight Net Climber
  • Loop Rung Ladder
  • A to B Climber
  • Sunset Climber
  • Spiral Climber
  • Small Net Climber
  • Sea Monster Climber
  • Criss Cross Climber
  • Crystal Maize Climber
  • Square Climber
  • Round Climber
  • Rocket Climber
  • A to B Climber with Slide
  • Humpty Dumpty Climber
  • Rainbow Climber
  • Elephant Climber
  • Adventure Climber
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