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Shree Raghuvir Industries” is a well-known company that has been a pioneer in the sports goods manufacturing industry in India since 1990, under the Raghuvir brand. Due to our high quality standards and diligent work, we are one of the major manufacturers of outdoor gym equipment. This piece of fitness equipment can help you expand your chest and strengthen your ribs. People with a plain chest and limbs should use this workout equipment. Outdoor gym, outdoor gym equipment, outdoor gym cycle, open gym air walker, outdoor gym walking machine, surfboard, garden gym equipment, horizontal bar, open gym double twister machine, pushup bar, and shoulder press are some of the products we offer as a prominent and leading manufacturer of OUTDOOR GYM EQUIPMENTS from Ahmedabad.  Raghuvir’s open fitness equipment is devoted solely to fitness buffs. People are encouraged to have a healthy and happy lifestyle by using our park training station. Outdoor gym equipment manufacturers in India release fresh fitness solutions on a daily basis. Outdoor fitness and park exercise gym equipment can be customized with Raghuvir’s outdoor gym equipment. We have a wide range of exercise equipment that strengthens and tones the body’s muscles. For park gym equipment, our accessible fitness station for individuals with disabilities is ideal. The equipment is powder-coated in vibrant colors for a long-lasting finish. It’s easy to set up and doesn’t require any upkeep. The leg and lower body muscles are the emphasis of this piece of equipment. We have specially built outdoor gym equipment for workout enthusiasts who wish to be near to nature. An outdoor gym, as opposed to an indoor gym, allows people to work out in the outdoors while breathing fresh air.

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Outdoor Gym Equipments in Anand
Product Details:
      Type:     Outdoor Gym
Usage/Application:         Park, GYM
Material:              Iron
Automation Grade: Manual
Intended Use:   Fitness
Finish Type: Powder Coated and Smooth Finished
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